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Tofu Joy August 11, 2009

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Yes, I’m at my aunt’s place again. You know what that means. Easy oven access. Hurrah!

Today I made an easy dish, one very similar to a dish I enjoyed last time I was here.
Watch the beauty unfold.

Gathered from my aunt’s kitchen and the nearby Asian supermarket.

*flavourings: paprika (hot), ground cumin, ground coriander, garlic powder, curcuma, laos powder, thyme, nutritional yeast, soya sauce

I used the entire bell pepper, half the tofu, five-ish of the potatoes (I’ll probably let you know how I used the ones I had left later), and however much I felt like of the spicy bits.

Layer 1: Bell pepper
Bell pepper

Layer 2: Potato and thyme (yes, it’s in there somewhere)

Selected precursors to layer 3: Spicy mix and crumbled tofu

Layer 3: Crumbled tofu mixed with spicy mix and soya sauce
Crumbled tofu mix

Layer 4: Semmelbrösel
[Not photographed]

After some 20(maybe 30)-ish minutes in the oven at about 180C-ish:

By and far, my favourite bit of this dish is the tofu. I never feel like I’m very good at tofu, yet this very easy way of preparing it leaves my tongue most content so maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

I keep adding breadcrumbs to oven dishes hoping it’ll give them a nicely browned and crunchy top, but that never quite happens. I just get a bunch of boring-looking crumbs on the top of my food, which, in this case, managed to get nicely brown and nearly crunchy anyway.
It doesn’t diminish the taste, provided I mix it all p a bit when putting it on my plate, so it’s not some big disaster or anything. It’s just a bit pointless.
Anyway, maybe I’ll remember to not automatically throw them on next time, which would actually make this dish gluten-free provided you use wheat-free soya sauce.

The way I made it it’s not a very big dish. As a meal, it comfortably fed me, but if you want to feed two people with a decent stomach you’d better get some side dishes.



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