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Back October 23, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in administrative.
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Am back. No pictures yet, though. Just some basic administrative things.

I’ve properly moved now, and earlier this week my boyfriend Dice moved in with me. So it’s food for two now. Which can be a little tricky as I just add random stuff together, chuck in some spices, and eat it, whereas Dice prefers the food he knows, preferably made without the addition of anything as freaky as cumin. And there’s just no way I’ll be making dal without cumin or something similarly freaky.
Also, next week I’ll be starting the rather intensive clinical part of my studies, which means that the procurement and preparation of food will have to be planned a bit more so we’ll actually have proper meals that keep me healthy during that time. I’m thinking about things like making a week’s worth of oatmeal in advance, left-over lunches, thinking of meals Dice can prepare with minimal fuss so I won’t have to eat either noodle-ketchup or sandwiches (two dishes where he’s a viking) when I’m too knackered to cook, that sort of thing.

So yeah. Fun times ahead.
Still, I have a decent freezer now, which is all kinds of brilliant and will be a great help with the cooking ahead. And I finally have the internets working on my Linux partition. Now to decide on a distribution…