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One, Two, Many, Lots August 21, 2008

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I figured that, since I would probably not end up at the pleinbios (open-air free movies. Yay! Saw Juno yesterday ♥) tonight, I might as well get some blogging done. There are pictures that need posting.
Unlike my usual posts, this will be a bunch of pictures of different foods, since I can’t be bothered to give each food their own post. That would take me entirely too long. Since doing it this way will make this post entirely too long, I’m going to use that nifty “more” feature right about now. So clicky for piccy, yes?


Nothing August 17, 2008

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No food pictures this time. Just an apology for my absence and less than speedy response to comments. With the catsitting, I’ve been away from my own computer. While my aunt’s laptop functions just fine (with the exception of her pointlessly wireless mouse, but I solved that by bringing my own USB mouse), I can’t seem to get to actually posting anything.
Strange, that.

I’ve been cooking, though. My aunt has an oven, so I made some things with it that didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped (more on that later), a microwave for making hot chocolate, and she a decent freezer I shouldn’t get too attached to (more on that later also). I’ve also had vegan haggis (another gift from Sinead), which is fun food, with baked potatoes, which are just excellent.
There’s also this green thing I had today…
Anyway, more about all of that later. With pictures, and everything.

As far as the moving goes, I’ve still not moved properly. There’s some painting that needs to be done, which requires some help as it involves a ceiling, and after that some carpet needs replaced. Uhm, and packing. Still need to do me some of that.

With all this actual responsible housekeeping and living together I’ll be doing in the near future, I figured I should be making attempts to get some sort of organised. I’ve had this urge before, but earlier attempts generally met with little success. This time, though, I’m starting an actual home management binder. One which isn’t nearly as decorated or inspirational as the ones other people have made (the closest thing to decoration so far is the highlighters I used) because I don’t really care about those bits and no matter how much other other binder people emphasise the need for beauty and inspiration, I’m not going to cave to peer pressure. I’m too lazy for all that scrapbooking stuff and to me, elaborate dainty borders on some weekly schedule printable are just a waste of ink.
I made sure to pick a pretty binder, though. The blue Rijksmuseum thing from HEMA. But that’s just fun.
While I’m not sure yet, I think this’ll work much better for me than doing everything on the computer. This binder is much more direct. This most convenient periodic table cleaning chart (PDF file) actually has me geeking out over basic cleaning!
There’s a first for everything, I guess.

Blue August 7, 2008

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When visiting Sinead in Edinburgh she gave me some Scottish not-cheese and some Scottish oat cakes.

These here:

IIRC, the instructions were to put the two together, so that’s what I did yesterday.

Which got me this:

I didn’t bother arranging things neatly as I was too busy making and eating it and trying to not miss any of the MacGyver/Jack subtext. How I missed all that glorious subtext (not to mention the whole Murdoc thing) upon first viewing is still a mystery to me. I suppose that what fandom does to a person…

I must admit, I was slightly apprehensive about this cheese. I’ve never been particularly into the fancier, smellier cheeses, though I did enjoy some baguette with Rouen cheese this one summer. One summer only, though. Once we were home, I didn’t care for it anymore.
The only time I recall ever trying anything blue was quattro fromaggio pizza I didn’t much enjoy and was probably the only vegetarian option. IIRC, that pizza prompted me to tell my parents that, should I ever have kids, they be raised vegan, months before I even went vegan myself.

However, since it would be blatantly unadventurous to not even try, not to mention rather rude, I ate it. Well, half of it. Though it’s not a particularly big package, it’s not something to eat in one go.
Since it didn’t seem to have any actual blue veins, it didn’t even scare me. Yay!

The taste was quite pleasant. Strong, but not too strong. I have no clue how it compares to the cruel thing, but it does make me think of holidays in France. I’m glad Sinead chose to share this flavour, since I’d most likely not have bought it myself.

Somewhat noteworthy, this is also first time I tried not-cheese cold, as opposed to heated up as part of a grilled not-cheese sandwich or some kind of pizza (that rubbery yakso stuff once… Ick!).

ETA: Where are my pictures? Whaaa! I’m sure I put them in!
ETA2: Still nothing. The hell? I’ve done this many times before, never any problems.
ETA3: Okay, according to the forums, others are having image-issues. So I’ll just wait it out and until then, mention that the not-cheese was blue style Sheese and Orkney oatcakes. Go play with Google if you want to know what that looks like.

Linked August 5, 2008

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I’m rock! Apparently. Which is why Sinead thought I should have this:

Brillant, eh?

I think I’m supposed to pass it on, so here goes.

Janet, because she writes in an informative and very accessible way about Chinese (Cantonese) food which makes me want to try and make some of those things.

Tofufreak‘s blog is making me want to do all kind of sweet things to beans, which makes me happy.

Bonnie and VeggieGirl because they make me want to bake things.

Renee, because she writes about gluten-free vegan things that are proper meals, not only the sweet treats.

To continue with the linkage, a most interesting list of red, white, or Swiss foods can be found here. While I enjoyed making and eating the müesli, it looks a little boring when compared to some of the things others made. There are some truly stunning things there.

Still, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with müesli, does it? So I made it again. After all, I’ve had the oats for a while now and I’m still trying to do that pantry thing.
This time I used more oats and let them soak an entire night, which is supposed to be a good thing. And because it was meant for breakfast and I’m always rather rushed and unable to properly prioritise in the morning, I subbed a banana for the grated apple. I also added some cranberries. I had planned to use some dried coconut, but I couldn’t find it. I’m sure I still have some somewhere, though. Weird.


While the fruit added was nice, I think I used too much water for the soaking. While it looked good, it tasted a little too diluted. I almost added some sweetener to it. Next time I’ll either soak it in less water or soak it in part water/part soyamilk. Maybe that’ll taste better.