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Day One August 9, 2010

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One peach

Two slices of bread+peanut butter

Brown rice with yellow split-pea goop, mixed salad.
Salad chucked in a bowl straight from the bag.
Rice cooked according to instructions from The Cranks Bible.
Yellow split pea goop made by sort of frying an onion in a little water, cooking the split peas with a few spices (garlic powder, massala mix powder, sumac) and blending them a little more than necessary. Added some salt, pepper, soya sauce and windowsill parsley after putting it on my plate.

rice+goop and salad

Stuff used:

  • Two pans, probably bought at Ikea for <€10, possibly <€5 each.
  • Immersion blender: gift.
  • Plates: large deep one bought at second hand place, <€1, probably <€0.50, small one: gift. Bowl bought in France when I needed something for my cereal, probably <€5.
  • Cutlery: Wooden spoon bought at Ikea, ~€1-ish, knife, fork and spoon: gift, little peeling knife bought years ago for ~€1-ish.
  • Fridge: gift.
  • There’s a good bit of all things leftover, so this week will have a few more rice dinners and possibly some split pea soup. The rest of the salad should be eaten tomorrow or it’ll get icky.



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