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Because the world can always use more vegan blogs, there are probably still people around who believe vegans live on twigs and tofu (or light and love, but that Blogger address was taken) and need to be shown the awesomeness and variety possible using plants, and, most importantly, my parents gave me a digital camera for my birthday so now I can spam the world with random pictures of food like all the cool vegans do.

About me

I’m a somewhat geeky Dutch vegan who loves nice food but tends to be too lazy to actually make any.
My interests are fairly diverse and I can’t be bothered to list them here. The only one relevant to this blog is my new-found interest in photography, something in which I participate with much enthusiasm and little skill.

About food

Most of the food I make can be described as “random stuff chucked together, often heated up, occasionally pureed”. Somewhat surprisingly, this actually leads to tasty stuff more often than not.
Everything I make is vegan of course, and while it’s certainly not a 100%, I do like using organic ingredients.
Mid-2008 I started a short-term (mostly) gluten-free project which lead to me trying to minimise gluten-y foods, especially the foods with pointless gluten sneakily hidden.
There are still plenty of meals with gluten, and I’m not bothered about it when I eat it somewhere else, but I am more conscious of it and enjoy experimenting.
Because of this I started tagging the gluten-free foods I make properly. Just check the “gluten-free” tag to find those posts.
Since I didn’t start this tagging until I started the project, the pre-project posts containing gluten-free foods aren’t tagged as such.
This will probably not be changed.
I suspect there are rather a lot of unconsciously gluten-free posts (if it weren’t for my liberal use of shoyu, at least. That’s sub-able, though) seeing as I’m not very good at that whole grain base thing and I don’t do much baking. At the moment I can’t be bothered going through them to re-tag.
I mentioned the lazy, right?

About this blog

-I love getting comments. Very much so. However, I do part-moderate them. Pre-emptively, so far I’ve had nothing but great comments, but still. I’ve spent enough time online to know that not all people play nice.
Regular commenters will have their comments posted rightaway, but comments from people commenting for the first time or people who’ve not commented in a while, have to wait until I approve them.
So if your comment doesn’t show up soon after posting it, you’ll have to wait until I’m behind a computer again. Which, unless something is up, shouldn’t take more than a day at the outside.

-Sometimes I edit a post after publishing it. If it’s anything relevant, something beyond basic grammar and spelling corrections, I add the ETA tag.



1. Natalie - December 12, 2007

Hey! It’s great to see another Dutch vegan food blog! I’ve added you to my blogroll and I look forward to seeing more of your posts :)


2. janetching - June 25, 2008

Hi there, nice of learn about you. I did not realise you are dutch. Which part of Holland do you live? My hubby is from Steenwijk. The dutch like going to wok restaurants, right? but it’s not real Chinese food for me.

3. janetching - June 25, 2008

By the way, like you, I am also in to taking photos recently but not a photographer but want to learn more. The new camera I got is great.

4. tuimeltje - June 25, 2008

I’d never have guessed you’ve only recently started taking food photographs. Yours look so nice!

I live in Rotterdam, which is a good bit more to the West than Steenwijk.

From what I know, wok restaurants are quite popular, and whatever passes for Chinese food here (which is probably somewhat different from the food eaten in China…), or at least the Chinese-Indonesian combinations, have been popular here since Chinese and Chinese-Indonesian (take-away) restaurants started popping up and became affordable and not-scary (but still exitingly exotic) to large sections of the population.
They are very common and found at basically every town large enough to support one.

If you ask politely you might be able to get some actual Chinese food. I’m actually kind of interested in it now.

While looking up some random info, I found this article about the history of Chinese-Indonesian food in the Netherlands and about how it’s not actually particularly Chinese. It’s in Dutch, though your husband might be able to help you with it. :)

5. Maija Haavisto - November 16, 2010

Nice to bump into another Dutch vegan blog. I’m not Dutch, but I recently moved to Amsterdam. Really loving the fact that I can get high-quality vegetables here – often stuff you can never get in Finland or that costs up to 10x as much, but is lower in quality…

tuimeltje - November 17, 2010

Thank you for your comment! Are there things that are easier to get in Finland than here to balance things out?
Your blog looks very nice, I love the concept of enjoying world cuisine the vegan way.

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