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Not Orange (Close, Though) June 9, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in current weirdness, dinner, food.
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Because the first two times my basic pantry soup was somewhat watery, I thought I’d try and improve it some more.

Stuff used:

Guess what I did with it?

Stuff I ended up with:

For this soup, compared to the previous ones, the main addition was the passata. I don’t know how much I used exactly I just used whatever I had left from a while back. Half a package, maybe? I’d frozen some a few weeks ago and took it out of the freezer a few days ago to thaw. It seems to have survived this well enough.
Adding this made the soup a good deal tastier, so I’ll definitely remember it for next time.

The noisy people in this area make me feel I should’ve maybe played with the pumpkin instead to create some appropriately-coloured food seeing as I’ve utterly neglected my patriottic decorating-duties.
I think I know tomorrow’s main topic at work…


Two Other Things May 28, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in current weirdness.

Again two things.

One, my SIGG bottle seems to have reverted to it’s leaky state again, which is confusing. If I have it closed and suck out some water from the leak (yes, it’s possible. And weird. But possible. Yet weird. And kind of icky), it won’t leak while in my bag, but as soon as I open it up again the leakiness starts again.
And this time it seems to actually flow, when before, it was just this one slow drop.

I think I have a vague grasp of the basic physics behind the sometimes-leakiness, so that bit doesn’t surprise me too much, but I still don’t get why it goes from leaky to not leaky to (more selectively) leaky again.
Looks like it’s really time to get me a new one, though…

Two, I have that “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” feature going, which seems like a nice way of stumbling across similar and possibly interesting posts.
However, the few posts I checked were either not at all related, like the Holocaust train one mentioned below, or only sort of related but not particularly interesting (though to be fair, I only clicked, like, five of them). Those kind of related ones were usually not actually any kind of similar to my post. Just a vaguely similar basic topic (smoothie, festival, vegetables) that make it so I can at least sort of get where it’s coming from with the automated generation but still don’t make it actually related.

Also, it only seems to work half the time. The post about me visiting my grandparents had a post about some Holocaust train reaching Auschwitz as a possibly related post (Yeah, I’m still confused what made the automated generator give me that, though at least after actually reading it the post’s title no longer confuses me about the times we’re living in. The only connection I can think of is that park where I hung out. Some Jews spent part of the war there and it had some monument about that. I’m pretty sure I made no mention of that in my post, though. Anyway), but when I click on that post now, I only get that link about half the time.

Huh April 28, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in current weirdness.

Sorry to be spamming you all, but I was just checking my stats page, and found someone found my page while googling “eating with the rabbits” (quotation marks not mine).
Why they went to my page rather than Bonnie‘s page, I don’t know.

News? April 3, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in current weirdness.

In today’s newspaper I saw a short article about some not-quite-bishop recommending less meat for today’s youth if they have trouble with the whole celibacy/chastity thing. Something about meat enhancing the libido and making people horny or whatever.

Since I was at work when I spotted it, I didn’t have time to read the article properly. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult to find an online (Dutch) version (Just a warning: it’s on some butchery site, which contains icky pics of meat). Apparently it’s something biblical, with unmentioned references to instances where eating meat lead to unchaste behaviour and something about the desert fathers (whoever they are) mentioning that gluttony and overeating were related to sexual desires.
As if people only overeat on meat.

The only vaguely relevant biblical thing I can think of here is that bit about Daniel not defiling himself with the king’s food (verse 8 and onwards for a bit. Also, try the “Listen to this Chapter in Hebrew”. It’s fun). There’s absolutely no mention of Daniel being any kind of horny or the Defilers being particularly lustful, though. Though Daniel and his friends ending up fairer may excite the Defilers somewhat, if they’re into that sort of thing.

Another way of dealing with chastity troubles, apparently, is praying to God and calling on Mary, saints (are there saints relevant to this? Probably), and angels.
Uhm, yeah…
Thanks, dude.

I’m all in favour of people not eating meat, but I really don’t think it’ll do anything to diminish sexual feelings. Unless I know the wrong vegans, of course.
I also don’t think this guy talking like this will help people go vegan. I suspect nonsense like this will be used as an excuse to eat more meat by people desperate to prove that, yes, they do like and/or have sex or as some way to defy the wackier Catholics among us.

Oh well. It’s dealt with easily enough, especially if you can dig up some info on the meat->clogged arteries->impotence thing.