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Twitty August 9, 2009

Posted by tuimeltje in administrative, fandom veganism.
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Some administrative stuff again.

I added the two fandom veganism posts to this blog, since I don’t see myself maintaining that blog alongside this one. I considered deleting the blog, but that sort of thing makes me rather nervous. Also, the main reason I would want to delete it is to free up the name for someone else, but apparently that doesn’t happen. Since it’s probably possible to somehow give the name to someone else by adding users and whatnot, anyone interested in the name can contact me about that.

I also added some Twitter to this blog, simply because I can, and I’m considering changing the layout somewhat. The categories look a little messy in this one.

ETA: Fixed the category iffiness and found a way to make the clashing orange not be here anymore. Content now, will not switch themes.


Tofu August 9, 2009

Posted by tuimeltje in fandom veganism, non-food veganness.
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Medium: Television
Show: MacGyver
Episode(s) mentioned: Out in the Cold (episode 38, season 2 episode 16 perhaps?)

Isn’t Tofu Icky?