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Day Five August 13, 2010

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, food, lunch, meals, snack.
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Today was a bit meh. Lazy and no interest in doing anything much. Never mind doing dishes so I could do something approaching proper cooking.

This made the whole day a bit of a loss, food-wise. Breakfast was skipped again, so instead I had my usual four sammiches to start off my day, and due to the aforementioned apathy, I just made me some ramen noodles instead of a decent dinner.
Not that it wasn’t tasty, mind.
I also defrosted a plain chocolate muffin/cupcake/whatever just because I wanted to.

Another not-so-clever thing I did today was stop by an Asian supermarket. The greens I bought will be put to good use at some point, and I talked myself into not buying any frozen dumplings, which doesn’t happen too often. Though as I got there around dinner time with a rumbling stomach, I did buy me some pandan nata de coco to tide me over until I’d get home. While not horrible or anything, nata de coco is hardly my favourite food, and this whole thing could’ve been prevented simply by bringing an apple.
Oh well. Only two days left.



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