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Vegan food blogs

Alternative Vegan – Dino’s blog
Apples and Twigs – Steffi’s blog
Eating with the Rabbits – Bonnie’s blog
Healthy Celiac – Healthy Celiac’s blog
in the kitchen of a tofufreak – TofuFreak’s blog
Kris’ Cruelty Free Kitchen – Kris’ blog
Lelly’s vegan kitchen – Lelly’s blog
Gluten-Free Vegan – Renee’s blog
The Happy Vegetarian – Natalie’s blog
Have Cake Will Travel – Céline’s blog
Kitchen Dancing – Sinead’s blog
Trying Veganism – Lizzy’s blog
Vegan Lunch Box – Jennifer Shmoo’s blog
VeggieGirl – VeggieGirl’s blog
Vive Le Vegan/eat, drink & be vegan – Dreena Burton’s blog
Vegan Food and Whatnot – Nikki’s blog

Vegan links

Vegan Skeptic. Bringing some much-needed critical thinking to veganism.
The Abolitionist Approach – Gary Francione’s site about abolitionism.
An Animal-Friendly Life – Trying to help compassionate people stay abreast of and act on issues affecting both domesticated and wild animals.
Compassionate Cooks – Site about teaching people to cook compassionately and healthfully. Contains recipes, writings, a podcast, and info about cooking classes.
Invisible Voices – Vegan blog.
The Joyful Vegan – Sharing stories and inspiration about the pains and joys of choosing vegan in a non-vegan world.
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary – Website for a U.S. sanctuary for animals rescued from farms. Big on abolitionism and actively promoting veganism over welfarism. Has a lot of information.
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary blog – Stories of some of the animals from the sanctuary. Has beautiful, beautiful pictures.
The Post Punk Kitchen – Cooking show, recipes, blog, forum… So much!
The starting point. Le point de départ. – Abolitionist blog
Vegan F.A.Q. – All your questions answered.
Vegan Freak – Podcast, forum, blog, and vegan freaky fun.
Vegans of Color – Vegan blog about intersectionality and veganism towards human animals as well as non-human animals.
VegWeb – Recipes. Lots of them.

Interesting non-vegan food blogs
Frugal Abundance – Miss Maggie’s GFCF and frugality blog.
Gourmet Traveller – Janet’s food and travel blog.

Interesting non-vegan links
Nutrition Data – All kinds of things about nutrition in easy-to-understand language. Not veg*n, but quite veg*n-friendly.



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