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Privilege August 11, 2010

Posted by tuimeltje in food, life.
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So far, this $21 challenge is not actually too difficult.
Perhaps €16 buys a decent week’s food around here.
Perhaps I’ve not planned properly and and the whole thing will start to become really annoying once the weekend arrives and I’ve a few more days to go without enough money to get me proper meals. Seeing as I suck at planning and therefore didn’t actually plan anything, this is a very real possibility.
We’ll see.

Anyway, while my lack of planning abilities would make living like this long-term a bit more difficult, there are certain things that definitely made it easier for me to begin with. I probably don’t realise all of them, the way privilege works and all, but here are the ones I’m aware of. Please tell me if you think there’s some I missed.

Several ways in which I’m privileged food-wise:

  • My brain works in a way that allows me to do my daily things quite easily.
  • I have easy, at-home internet access for recipes and food information and my language skills are good enough to understand a lot of it.
  • I’ve had a basic education on what kinds of food are healthy and was raised in a way that featured those foods in abundance.
  • I have no one but myself to take care of.
  • I have time to prepare meals and check out several places for my groceries.
  • I live within walking distance of three supermarket chains, of which two are considered discount supermarkets. All sell a good variety of fresh foods.
  • I have several small ethnic shops nearby, which widens my food options and access to (relatively) cheap foods.
  • I have a very wide choice in supermarkets and ethnic food markets within bikeable distance.
  • I live within bikeable distance from at least two large second-hand shops where I can get cheap kitchen things.
  • I live in an urban area with good public transport which I’m able to use for free most weekdays because I’m a student.
  • I live in a country where I’m not that likely to have to choose between buying food or paying for medical care.
  • I have family and friends getting me in touch with free kitchen swag (immersion blender, fridge, microwave, food processor,
    plates, cutlery, mugs) or gifting me some. A good many things in my kitchen were given to me, especially the more expensive things.
  • Should I be in trouble, those people would be able to help me out.
  • I generally have enough money to buy bulk to same money in the long run and I have space to store things.
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