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Day Seven August 16, 2010

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Final day!
I ate the last of the rice, fried it with a bell pepper, some carrots, and a few tomatoes. I also ate an apple and a few bowls of oatmeal, which was quite tasty. While I ate those together the first few days, later on I stopped bothering and instead ate the apple separately.

I’ll write a somewhat more ponderous post about the experience later, and this week I’m having a go at not buying food since I have a good deal of food around the house that could do with being eaten.
With the exception of getting me some handy food for the coming weekend. Might be prudent as it’s possible I’ll spend it among mostly omni’s.


Day Six August 15, 2010

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So yesterday? Also pretty sucky, wood-wise. Again with the no cooking, I just ate the usual sammiches for lunch and occasionally made me some microwave oatmeal.
Today should be better.

Day Four August 13, 2010

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Skipped it. Woke up late, went straight to lunch.

Four sandwiches, good old pb+cucumber+sambal.

Soup made out of the remaining yellow split pea mash by adding some water to it and stirring it properly, adding three chopped carrots and some of the rice to that.

The soup looked a bit dismal. It looked like the sort of thing you see in war films, with a lot of people waiting in line with a bowl that gets filled with beige watery stuff with sad bits floating in, goop that looks neither particularly nourishing nor any kind of tasty.


Good thing I have salt, pepper, and soya sauce, really. And the parsley I remembered to add to the second bowl. A bit of pale green may not have made too big a difference, but still. It made it just that little bit cheerier.

So my soup looked like that. Though my bowl, while not exactly cheery (I think it’s from the 70s. Random brown and grey) had flowers. I guess I should’ve gone with the the other bowl, the one with more prominent poppies.
The whole thing made me think of The Supersizers Go… Wartime, really. To be honest, this entire challenge made me think of that. Good episode, that. The entire show was awesomely brilliant and fun. Though very NOT VEGAN, in case you have the chance to watch an episode, any episode.

I’m also feeling this week’s menu is lacking variety for a bit. So far, at least. Then again, I’m not sure this is much less varied than the way I usually eat. It’s just involved fewer grocery runs.
Should’ve maybe eaten some fruit today… Skip one meal, and suddenly it’s a fruitless day.

Stuff used:

Plates: gift, cutlery: gift, pan: bought for cheap, brilliantly retro soup bowl: bought at second hand place.

Day Three August 11, 2010

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Oatmeal with chopped apple. Better with a little bit of salt added before microwaving.

4 sandwiches with peanut butter, cucumber, and sambal.

Rice and yellow split pea mash, microwaved.

1 peach.
3 carrots.

Stuff used:
Fridge and microwave: gifts.
Plate and cutlery: gifts.
Oatmeal bowl: Bought at IKEA for cheap.

Uneventful day, food-wise. Could’ve put in some more veg, to be honest. Maybe I’ll have a carroty snack later.
Should probably finish the pea mush tomorrow. Maybe I’ll make some soup out of it. Add some water, one or two carrots… Should work.

ETA: Yup. Ate me some carrots.

Privilege August 11, 2010

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So far, this $21 challenge is not actually too difficult.
Perhaps €16 buys a decent week’s food around here.
Perhaps I’ve not planned properly and and the whole thing will start to become really annoying once the weekend arrives and I’ve a few more days to go without enough money to get me proper meals. Seeing as I suck at planning and therefore didn’t actually plan anything, this is a very real possibility.
We’ll see.

Anyway, while my lack of planning abilities would make living like this long-term a bit more difficult, there are certain things that definitely made it easier for me to begin with. I probably don’t realise all of them, the way privilege works and all, but here are the ones I’m aware of. Please tell me if you think there’s some I missed.

Several ways in which I’m privileged food-wise:

  • My brain works in a way that allows me to do my daily things quite easily.
  • I have easy, at-home internet access for recipes and food information and my language skills are good enough to understand a lot of it.
  • I’ve had a basic education on what kinds of food are healthy and was raised in a way that featured those foods in abundance.
  • I have no one but myself to take care of.
  • I have time to prepare meals and check out several places for my groceries.
  • I live within walking distance of three supermarket chains, of which two are considered discount supermarkets. All sell a good variety of fresh foods.
  • I have several small ethnic shops nearby, which widens my food options and access to (relatively) cheap foods.
  • I have a very wide choice in supermarkets and ethnic food markets within bikeable distance.
  • I live within bikeable distance from at least two large second-hand shops where I can get cheap kitchen things.
  • I live in an urban area with good public transport which I’m able to use for free most weekdays because I’m a student.
  • I live in a country where I’m not that likely to have to choose between buying food or paying for medical care.
  • I have family and friends getting me in touch with free kitchen swag (immersion blender, fridge, microwave, food processor,
    plates, cutlery, mugs) or gifting me some. A good many things in my kitchen were given to me, especially the more expensive things.
  • Should I be in trouble, those people would be able to help me out.
  • I generally have enough money to buy bulk to same money in the long run and I have space to store things.