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Huh April 28, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in current weirdness.

Sorry to be spamming you all, but I was just checking my stats page, and found someone found my page while googling “eating with the rabbits” (quotation marks not mine).
Why they went to my page rather than Bonnie‘s page, I don’t know.


Not Blue April 28, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in breakfast.

This morning I made me another smoothie, using some fruit I still had around and the yofu that needs eating.



I had expected the smoothie to be, well, bluer, what with the blueberries and all. It ended up way pink, though. Which is kind of weird, since I didn’t actually add anything pink. It was just blue, white, and yellow/green foods.
Vaguely disappointing, as well.
Still, at least it was tasty. And runnier than I’d expected. I didn’t need a spoon to eat it.

Colours April 28, 2008

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Yesterday I did my dishes, which enabled me to actually properly cook again. Which was nice, since the veg I’d bought earlier was starting to get a little iffy.

The veg:
Pretty mangy, as usual.

I didn’t really know what to do with the lone beet, since I wanted my food to be very, very green. Adding that one beet would ruin that completely, so I had to think of something seperate to prepare with that. In the end I simply added the frozen aduki beans I still had left and made a little red mash for when I’d finished the green mash, which I made using the green ingredients.

Green mash:

Red mash:

While it was cooking, I occasionally tasted the red mash, and it didn’t really taste all that great. However, once it was done and I’d added some blobs of yofu, it was quite tasty. Yay!

The green mash tasted yum all on it’s own, but I ate it with some pumpernickel. Just to make it a little more filling and less intimidating (it was very green. Which shouldn’t be scary, but still).

I actually made me some dessert, too, something I very rarely do. I’d bought me some silken tofu and agave syrup a while back, with the intent of making me some chocolate pudding. It took me a while, but I finally did it. It’s very easy to make, though next time I’ll probably chuck in some more cocoa. It tasted slightly watery.
Or maybe I should just drain it better. That might help.

To make it look even better, I added some of the berries I’d bought on the market the day before for practically nothing.
It was good.

Brown, blue, and red:

I made good use of my immersion blender yesterday. Such a simple tool, yet so useful.


Last Saturday I got to leave work earlier because it was way quiet and I’d already worked a lot that week, so I went for a bike ride. I took some foodie pictures and tried to film spring animals (including licky bovines), but I still have to organise the pictures and edit the video bits (anyone know of a good .MOV editor for XP? Gotta see if I can get my camera to store videos in another format…) so it’ll probably take some time before you get more details about that food.

Sidebar April 26, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in administrative.

As much as I love this theme, the sidebar is a little on the long side. This is mostly due to the category widget, though I did create a links post, now visible on top, to at least do away with the widget for that.

Maybe I’ll just sort out the whole tags/categories thing and make it a bit neater. A few very broad categories and a ton of tags.

ETA: I just realised that there’s no need for a “recent posts” thing, seeing as all recent posts are on the front page. And if I cut the top posts from 10 to 5, I’ll save some more vertical space. Whoo!

ETA2: Of course, a tag cloud takes up some space…
Can’t I put those on a page, or something?

Falafel! April 25, 2008

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Since my time in Germany didn’t get me any of the falafel I was looking forward to, I thought I might as well get me some right at home.

At De Falafel:
De Falafel

Not too long ago a Maoz opened up fairly close to De Falafel, but I keep going to this one. I’m not sure if there’s a quality or price difference, but De Falafel has less of a chain feel to it than Maoz, which I like. Besides, it was here first.
Also, it’s on a more convenient route to my place. While Maoz is probably not even half a kilometre further away, it feels weird walking that way.
The Stadhuisplein area is just not my kind of place.
Maybe it’s that SkiHut place…

They changed the prices somewhat since I was last there. IIRC, a white pita used to be cheaper than the wholemeal one, but now they were the same price. I think they simply raised the price of the white ones. Not that I really mind. It makes choosing the wholemeal one easier.

Hiding falafel
Falafel, hiding under a bunch of veg and sauce.

While the falafel was good and perfectly satisfying, I was vaguely disappointed about the whole thing.
I’m not sure, but I think I got more falafel last time I went there. And the salad bar wasn’t kept up as nicely as it normally was. The counter was kind of messy and they were nearly out of some things. The beet bits were just a few pathetic strings and there were just a few bits of carrot left. The veg didn’t have that much flavour, either.
The tahini dispenser gave pathetic little squirty blobs of sauce rather than a nice good amount. I had to push the thing a few times before I got what I wanted, when before just one push would do.
I hope it’s just this once. When I went there before things always looked clean and abundant, so I’ll probably go back there next time I want falafel because of habit and convenience. But if it turns out to be the start of a general decline of the place, I might consider checking out if Maoz has wholemeal pitas.
There are many kebab places which sell falafel (most do, I think), but that big freaky meat thing they have hanging around kind of puts me off my food. Also, I doubt they do falafel as thoroughly as falafel places, with salad bars and everything.